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Brandvelope Consulting chief storyteller Dennis Van Staalduinen has traveled around the world delivering keynotes, workshops, and brand pitches, and is available to bring his insights, experience, and humour, to your next conference or retreat.

Popular topics:

  • Finding your Good Jazz: Surprise! Your business can be both serious about success and intensely, mind-blowingly creative. Dennis tunes this session to suit any audience: from salespeople and executives, to entrepreneurs and professionals in a wide variety of industries.
  • Building your Brand with Social Media: Dennis – or “DenVan” on social media – is a digital native with several blogs, a social media enthusiast, and a popular college lecturer on the intersection between branding and social network technology.
  • Spotlight Pitch workshop: forget that old “elevator pitch”, you’ll be lucky to get a few seconds in the spotlight after someone says “so, tell me about your self/product/service/company”. In this interactive session, Dennis will teach you how to win that moment, start a conversation, and shine.
  • Government Brand Management is Not an Oxymoron! For government communicators. Dennis has helped Industry Canada, the Treasury Board, Public Health Agency, and many other government departments build their brands.
  • Big Brand Thinking: beyond the logo, beyond the tag line, serious branders need to think like Big Brands if they want to ever become big brands themselves. That means thinking bigger about your branding tools
  • Learning to Speak Human, for Communicators: think “human” is the native language of business? Think again! Fighting jargon, acronyms, and technical insider language is job one for brand managers.
  • Brand Bootcamp: a one-day intensive session that will take your group through all the basics of building a powerful brand – from strategic naming and positioning to building communications tools and perfecting your “pitch”.
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