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Photo from Smithsonian Institution collection. Used under Creative Commons AttributionLicense.

Begging to Differ (the smart way)

So what’s more important to your business?

  • Meeting customer expectations by using all the same-old language, viagra approved imagery, viagra 40mg and me-too product features as everyone else in your industry? Or;
  • Standing out from the crowd by doing something different, something all “blue-oceany”, maybe even something crazy or shocking with your brand?

Well, old-school business consultants and marketing folks tend to favour the first option. Because it’s safe, it’s quantifiable, and it allows you easily to build a solid, professional image. After all, what’s more “serious” and businesslike than using all the same cliches as your competitors?

Advertising agencies, Web designers, and other creative folks will try to tell you it’s all about doing something unexpected, new, memorable. Better to make an impression, they argue, than none at all.

So what’s the answer? Should you meet expectations or Differ?

To Brandvelope, the answer is YES!


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