Step 1: We Listen

We listen to your story, and more importantly, to the stories your customers tell.

Creative Commons – Smithsonian Institution

It’s always the first thing we do. At Brandvelope we’re not experts at your business. You are. So to understand you and your products, we need to meet with your key brand-builders – and not just executives; the front line people that make your brand come alive for customers.

But because we’re not building a brand for you, we also want to hear from your customers. And it may shock you to learn: customers almost never say what you think they ought to (which is a very good thing by the way)!
So we’ll review whatever marketing research you can share, and find out what they’re saying about you on the Web. Then we’ll talk to them.
For consumer brands, that can include focus groups, “streeters” where we talk to ordinary folks, or working with traditional research firms to set up more formal focus groups.
For business-to-business brands, we usually do a number of phone interviews. Never questionnaires, but real conversations to find out the real passions and drivers that make your customers excited about you.
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